This article I provide for you guys who don’t speak Indonesian language or bahasa Indonesia but want to learn it. It could be very important to you, when you work with Indonesian people or when you want to connect with Indonesian people on friendship or if you want to visit Indonesia for touring.

As Indonesia has many beautiful places to visit, such as Bali, Lombok, Lake Toba, Padang and many more, and you have a plan to visit Indonesia, so that you better learn bahasa Indonesia before you do visiting.

It will help you to communicate with the local people, the get many information about Indonesian tourism and for sure, it will be also helpful for you when buying something from them.

This first lesson, I will present you about Alphabet. It is what we call “abjad” In Indonesian language.

Actually, bahasa Indonesia has the same alphabet as English from A to Z. The only different is how you pronounce them.  Yes, some of them have the same pronunciation but mostly are different.

Please see below how you pronounce the alphabet (abjad)

A – a (ah)                    H – h (ha)                 O – o (oh)                    V – (fē)

B – b (bē)                     I – i (ēē)                       P – p (pē)                     W – w (wē)

C – c (chē)                   J – j (jē)                        Q – q (Keu)                  X – x (eks)

D – d (dē)                    K – k (ka)                     R – r (er)                      Y – y (yē)

E – e (ēh)                     L – l (el)                       S – s (es)                      Z – z (zet)

F – f (ef)                      M – m (em)                  T – t (tē)

G – g (gē)                     N – n (en)                     U – u (ōō)

When the first time I learned English at school, I was taught to sing the alphabet. By singing them, it made us to memorize them easily. So you can also use the same way to Indonesian language alphabet.

Please go to The Cadel Pastor Channel YouTube to find that.


See you on the next lesson.


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