PERSONAL PRONOUN (KATA GANTI ORANG) – Part Onelearning-indonesian-personal-pronoun-1

I’m here again to give another lesson of Learning Indonesia Language (Belajar Bahasa Indonesia)

But let me tell you about my experience before we start the lesson-2.

I have been working in Batam, Indonesia about 20 years with some people who came from many different countries, and some of them learned bahasa Indonesia seriously, and most them agreed that learning bahasa Indonesia is not difficult.

So, be sure that learning bahasa Indonesia is not also difficult for you.

This lesson-2, I’m presenting to you about  Personal Pronoun (Kata ganti orang). This subject will prove you that bahasa Indonesia is not difficult.

The personal pronoun I’m giving you in this part one are “Saya” and “Anda.

  1. Saya (formal)/Aku (Informal)

Saya” or “Aku” means “I” in English Language.

Example (Contoh) :

  • Saya pergi ke pasar (I go to the market)
  • Aku membaca sebuah buku ( I read a book)

Note this:  Personal Pronoun “Saya”/“Aku” and all other personal pronouns are not use as Subject Pronoun only but also used as Object Pronoun and Possessive Pronoun. So there is no other form for replacement.

Example (Contoh) :

  • Dia memberi saya sebuah pena (She gave me a pen) – “Saya” as an Object Pronoun.
  • Buku itu adalah buku Saya (the book is my book) – “Saya” as a Possessive Pronoun.
  1. Anda (Formal)/Kamu (Informal)

“Anda” or “Kamu” is “You” in Singular Pronoun of English Language.

“Anda Sekalian” or “Kamu Sekalian” is  “You” in Plural Pronoun of English Language.

Example (Contoh) :

  • Anda harus mengambil tas itu (You have to take the bag)
  • Terima kasih, anda sekalian sudah hadir (Thanks, you are already present)

“Anda Sekalian” can also be replaced with “Bapak-Ibu” (Mr and Madam) or Saudara-saudari (ladies and gentleman).

Please go to The Cadel Pastor Channel YouTube to find that.


See you on the next lesson; Personal Pronoun Part 2


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