learning-indonesian-personal-pronoun-2This lesson will be the continuation of Personal Pronoun.  As we have learned about “saya” which is “I” in English and “kamu” and “kamu sekalian” which is “You” in English, now we are learning the next Personal Pronoun “dia” and “kami and kita”

  1. “Dia”/”Ia”

This personal pronoun is used to translate “He”, “She” and “It” into Indonesia. So for those three personal pronouns in English, we use only one “Dia” or “Ia”, and also there is no other word to distinguish the gender.

Example (Contoh)

  • Dia mencuci pakaian adiknya.

(She washed her sister’s cloth)

  • Dia pergi memancing setiap akhir pekan.

(He goes for fishing every weekend)

  • Ia melompat kesana kemari.

(It jumped thither)

Remember this below the reason why learning bahasa Indonesia is not quite difficult.

When creating a sentence, you don’t need to worry about “irregular verb”, “verb past tense”, or additional s, es and etc. to the infinitive Indonesian language has only 1 form of verb.

  1. “Kami” and “Kita”

If in English you have “We”, in bahasa Indonesia we have “Kami” and “Kita” to translate that. These two words have a different meaning one each other.

“Kita” consist of at least me and you together, or me, you, and any other people together with us, while “Kami” consist of me and any other people together but you are not included.


  • Kita harus mengemudi dengan aman.

(We have to drive safely)  – You are included.

  • Kami sedang duduk bersama di sebuah kursi yang panjang.

(We are sitting together on a long chair) – You are not included.

In this sentence, it just like I’m telling you that I and someone (some other people) are sitting together on a long chair.

  1. “Mereka”

“Mereka” is “they” in English

I don’t need to give much explanation on this personal pronoun as there is no special note on using it to the sentence. You only need to remember the previous lesson and examples.

Please go to The Cadel Pastor Channel YouTube to find the video version.


See you on the next lesson.


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