“Stop Complaining” was a sentence that ever delivered by Jack Ma in a talk show about the successful people who starts from zero. It’s a word which of course he has proved by his experience during the hard living until he started build up a business that brought him to one of the richest men in China  and even ever been named as the richest number 26 of the World.

Jack Ma was an English teacher in China. The achievement as teacher was not easy for him as he came from a poor family background. He often got rejection in schools, even since elementary school, he’s been rejected because of the low math score he got on an exam.  But Jack Ma was interested in English since he was adolescence and learned English in earnest.  His interest in English brought him to English major when he got college.  Jack Ma also did as a tour guide in a hotel for about eight years long. That chance taught him about to think globally.

After he was acquainted with internet as an employee of KFC, he then learned hardly and seriously about internet until finally he set up his own internet business namely Alibaba.Com. Although the armed without the slightest knowledge in the field of internet technology before, but the fact has brought Jack Ma become a billionaire.

Jack Ma who was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province; China on October 15, 1964 had been facing many difficulties life since he was a kid, but he keep defend, fighting, learning harder and NOT COMPLAINING.jack-ma-dont-complain

It is not always easy living we live.  We often are confronted with difficult condition. Families can’t be unreliable always; even friends may stay away on the time we’re in that condition. And there are many situations that probably should be passed and because of the weight of expenses; it is very hard to move from a stair to another stair. But learn not to complain and not soluble in that problem or difficulties.

Complaining will never resolve the issues.  It will never make our situation better. Complaining precisely make us weak and draining of energy.  We better take time to be grateful, because we, as a human being actually has the same ability to complain or to thankful. If a person able to complain for a condition, at the same time indeed he/she also has the same ability to be grateful on the same condition.

Keep learning; keep fighting, than your circumstances will not be the same again.


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